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Opportunities for scientists and researchers

        Authors of innovations and scientists dedicate the majority of their time to research, scientific work and creating innovative technologies. This means that not always do they allocate enough time to search for business partners and customers. Business representatives, on the contrary, face with considerable difficulties trying to find the necessary technology or patent in the university. Employees of the Innovation Office understand that and strive to support ITMO University scientists as much as possible during search and implementation of projects at the customer enterprises. Researchers and inventors are offered the following services:
  1. Project assessment and identification of all possible stakeholders interested in the technology development;

  2. Identification of the most suitable and appropriate way to commercialize specific invention (licensing, selling patent, launching a spinoff, etc.);

  3. Search for experts in the industry for project evaluation and peer review;

  4. Search for potential clients and customers,  organization of meetings and negotiations;

  5. Support of the transaction process;

  6. Search for fundraising and financing opportunities;

  7. Working with projects and research of students and postgraduates of the department.

     If you are interested in project assessment, search for industrial partners and ways of commercialization, contact the Innovation Office:
Tel.: + 7 (812) 457-18-04