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Finding innovational solutions for business

Using innovational solutions in business is the inevitable necessity for modern business, allowing companies react in a fast changing world. ITMO University is one of the leading Russian universities in the filed of new technologies and innovations. Young scientists and developers of our university are ready to offer technological solutions to challenges, that are faced by entrepreneurs daily.

The following divisionscan can be sources of the innovational solutions:

1. Spinoffs.

ITMO University has more than 40 spinoffs, aimed at the commercialization of research results and intellectual activity. Small innovative enterprise - is an independent legal entity, having ITMO Uni. as co-founder. Full list of spinoffs.

2. Startups and residents of acceleration programs.

ITMO University holds two acceleration programs: SUM IT which has more than a hundred projects in the field of IT, Internet and Mobile, and Future Technologies ITMO - an acceleration program for hardware innovations.

If you are interested in investing into technological startups, please, contact Innovation Office to arrange an appointment with the startup teams and get to know their projects: tel.: + 7 (812) 457-18-04,

3. International scientific laboratory.

ITMO University has more than 40 international laboratories and research centers. These units conduct researches in collaboration with scientists from around the world. World best practices becoming an important component of research at the university. For further information about ISL please, visit:

In addition to international offices,ITMO University established 12 research centers and institutes conducting research in advanced scientific fields: photonics, supercomputing, nanotechnology and many others. Research results of the university scientists widely known both in Russia and abroad.

4. Development of technology to the needs of the enterprise.

If you have unique requests, we will be happy to associate you with our developers and scientists to conduct research and development activities, and to look for the existing technologies that will suit your requests the best.

Please, contact the Innovation Office: 
Tel.: + 7 (812) 457-18-04