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Investing in innovations

Are you interested in innovative development of your business? Do you plan to enter the high-tech markets? Do you aim to create a competitive advantage based on the technologies? ITMO University offers development of innovative technology solutions, unique for every entreprise. Modern laboratories, collaborating with partner universities in Europe and the USA, highly qualified scientific personnel, extensive experience of innovation in enterprises - all these factors make it possible to create a new vector of growth of your business through the use of innovative technologies.

The key research areas in ITMO University:

Photonics and Optics: research and development in the field of modern optics, laser technology, holography. Progress and achievements in the development of ITMO University is recognized worldwide.
Natural sciences: research in physics, chemistry, mathematics and the development of methods for the practical implementation of research results. Best in Russian base for research and testing of new developments.
'Smart' materials, nanomaterials and technologies: one of the most promising areas. Research conducted at ITMO University plays an important role in the development of the sector at the national level. 
Intelligent technology and robotics: activities in the field of mechanical systems and innovation to improve the performance of their operation. A lot of attention is paid to the use of modern materials and the automation of mechanical processes.
Life sciences: biotechnology research, cryotechnology and simulation of biological systems both in basic science and in practical fields: medicine, genetic engineering, and agriculture.
Information Technology: one of the leading research trends in ITMO University, including analysis of big data, automation systems, developing industry business informatics and intelligent economic systems.

Technological capabilities of ITMO University and scientific potential of employees makes it possible to develop and innovate, which in turn increases the efficiency of the business. Increased efficiency is achieved through the optimization of business processes by introduction of automation systems, improvement of the competitiveness of both the product and the business as a whole. Investments in innovative business development always pay off in the medium and long term, opening up new opportunities for company develpment.

Please contact the Innovation Office to identify available technologies, patents and capabilities of research and development:

tel.: + 7 (812) 457-18-04