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Opportunities for students and chairs

       Innovation Office of  ITMO University is open for cooperation with the departments and faculties both of ITMO University and other universities of Russian Federation. We offer collaboration in the following fields:

1. Working with students

    1.1. Internships in Innovation Office Students with major in economics, marketing, management of innovations and project management, commercialization of innovations may apply for an internship or in the department. It is also possible to prepare the final thesis on the basis of cases provided by Innovation Office;

        1.2. Students are invited to participate in the educational activities of Innovation Office to obtain additional knowledge in the field of innovations management and technological entrepreneurship. Click here for more information;

      1.3. Participation in the acceleration programs as a project manager and marketing specialist for a startup. Click here for more information.

2. Guest lectures and seminars
The staff of Innovation Office would be happy to hold guest lectures for the students of the faculties and departments covering a variety of topics: the development of the innovational ecosystem in the university, marketing of innovation, open innovations and etc.
Please contact us if you have any questions. You may also send us your contact information to get the news about the news about ITMO University innovational and entrepreneurial activity and information about upcoming events.
Innovation Office is always open for cooperation. You may contact us by phone or email. We will be happy to answer your questions:
Tel: +7 (812) 457-18-04